Shoulder Pain from Sleeping

Understanding Shoulder Pain from Sleeping

Some people experience waking up with tension and shoulder pain from sleeping. One of the greatest challenges in health is learning how to overcome chronic pain and tension. The goal is to have a balanced alignment and proper posture to avoid shoulder pain. Pain problems will not disappear overnight. Having the right posture is something that you should be aware of for the rest of the day. Shoulder pain from sleeping is caused by poor posture while resting at night. Poor posture while sleeping can also cause stiff neck which is also painful. Minding your posture while you sleep prevents aches and pains in the morning.

Aggravating Pain

For athletes, shoulder pain from sleeping is not an unusual problem. Athletes experience a condition called shoulder impingement. It is the gradual pain usually on the side or front of the shoulder. The pain is aggravated when the individual is engaging in strenuous physical activities that involve reaching. Sometimes the pain from the shoulder goes down to the upper arm. Athletes may sometimes notice a reduced range in motion and weakness. There may be difficulty in raising arms overhead and positioning arms behind the back. When athletes sleep on the affected shoulder, pain may recur and difficulty in sleeping is experienced. Recurring shoulder pain from sleeping usually leads to the inflammation or tendinitis of the rotator cuffs.

Remedies for Pain

To prevent shoulder impingement for athletes and individual shoulder pain from sleeping, there are many available treatments that can be done at home. For athletes, refraining from physical activities will help the inflammation on the shoulder subside. Applying ice and taking anti-inflammatory medication can help reduce pain. Shoulder pain should be treated early to start working on range of motion exercises to regain normal shoulder mobility.

If shoulder pain symptoms persist despite receiving early treatment, you should think about getting formal physical therapy from a hospital or clinic. This is important in reducing pain and inflammation. The doctor might also give you a cortisone injection for treating shoulder pain. The injection is an effective and quick way to minimize pain. Physical therapists may recommend a shoulder-strengthening program for athletes to target the muscles of the rotator cuff. If all else fails and if pain has become so severe, surgery is required to correct the problem.

For other people, stress may be the culprit behind shoulder pain from sleeping. Excessive worrying and over thinking in your sleep can cause you to toss and turn the whole night. You might find yourself waking up in an uncomfortable position. Try easing your mind from any negative thoughts before going to bed. Have a glass of warm milk or tea to help you relax. Whether it’s from stress or too much physical activity, shoulder pain from sleeping can be avoided with proper posture, regular exercises and medication for chronic cases. Remember to eat healthy and make sure you have a balanced diet. Eating right increases the ability of your body to repair itself over time and prevents shoulder pain from sleeping.