How to Cure Shoulder Pain

How to Cure Shoulder Pain?

Everyone should know how to cure shoulder pain to avoid further aggravation to health. Shoulder pain is often caused by the soreness of the rotator cuff tendon. A rotator cuff is that part of your shoulder that helps it move in a circular motion. Shoulder pain is usually experienced after doing activities involving the extensive use of your arms such as basketball, painting or dancing. Heavy lifting can also cause shoulder pain. Here are some effective ways on how to cure shoulder pain:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The emotions and the mind play important roles in maintaining good physical health. If you experience chronic shoulder pain, you might want to try cognitive behavioural therapy as treatment. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a widely accepted approach to overcoming chronic pain. The therapy is based upon the concept that your thoughts can influence your moods and attitudes. CBT helps you get rid of negative thoughts of pain. While in CBT, you will be involved in an individual or group session with a therapist. Through training the mind and curbing negative ways of thinking, you can manage your pain better.

Conservative Therapy


For the relief of chronic shoulder pain, conservative therapy is generally applied. This includes medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs with no steroids and regular physical therapy. During physical therapy, the rotator cuff of your should is subjected to stretching exercise. Regular exercises have long term benefits to your shoulder as well as the rest of the body. Treatment outcomes are enhanced engaging in occupational therapy treatment.
Conservative therapy may also use corticosteroid injections to cure shoulder pain. These medical injections reduce the feeling of pain and improve the functionality of the shoulder. If rotator cuffs tear off or if shoulder is unresponsive to conservative treatment, surgery becomes the last resort for treatment.


The shoulder is said to be the most flexible joint in your body. This flexibility enables your shoulder to have a range of motion which is the joint’s ability to move in different directions. The range of motion is best seen in action during sports activities. If your shoulder is in pain because of sports injury, stress or due to old age, you might want to consult a physical therapist right away. The therapist will evaluate your shoulder and design a special exercise program for you. The recommended exercises will keep help your shoulder regain its normal mobility.

Alternative Therapy

If you want a more natural approach to pain management, alternative treatments are available to help lessen the pain on your shoulder. You can choose massage therapy, acupuncture and naprapathy as the natural remedies. Inquire in your area for locally registered practitioners.
If you experience pain in your shoulder, learning about the options on how to cure shoulder pain increases your chances of early recovery. Know more information about the various remedies available on how to cure shoulder pain. Consult a physician and look for helpful articles on the Internet. You should commit to the therapy recommended for your shoulder and supplement with adequate sleep and rest. After treatment, continue to exercise regularly. Shoulder pain may recur if you go back to your old lifestyle and neglect physical therapy. It is vital to know how to cure shoulder pain if you don’t want a remission